Monday, April 10, 2017


when you find yourself in paper bags strewn across the sand
small cupcakes locked inside the pantry
tell us who will eat them?

the tiniest of dwarfs spoke to me about big things like sailing the sea and
looking for lost treasure
I looked at him and laughed, because I knew the secret,
they always fought for gold that had already been sold,
the highest bidder who slept while they walked their dogs and spoke of the Wild Ways in
which we lived today.

Sort the papers out
looking through the looking glass and seeing nothing but kaliedoscopic lights and
some sugar on the other side, whos to say who will have the last laugh?
clear your throat while they prepare to speak, it shall be all or nothing
we cannot stop now
this our time
will wash away doubt of action and rebellion


Its been so long I sat down and wrote, almost seems like forever.
That I asked myself, hey sasha, how are you?
who are you?
how's it going?

Today, of all the days since a year, I think, I feel like asking myself how I am.
I feel like peeking into my soul, and saying - boooyaaaaahhhh
who's in there??>?>>?!!
This time im not scared of the answer, so I know I'll stay to hear the answers.
Its been some time recovering from love, UTI and tummy issues, it's been a longer time still suffering from something I'd call seriouslymania, where everything, amongst other things, seems particularly, well, serious.


There has been some major revelations in the past 2 months, one : is that I can be quiet, like very quiet, and the other, is that I can be sad, truly deeply sad, and the other is that insane happiness walks hand in hand with insane sorrow, it just depends on which side you're looking at. Aren't these the cliches everyone is so tired of listening to : but these are the truths, that lie at the heart of all of human life. So yes, I have been on a rollercoaster - its been swinging up, going down low, going super fast, as I felt tears from the mad wind streak my face, I saw everything and everyone I know go by in a blur, I felt love, anger, pain, hate, insecurity/security, uncertainty/certainty, all of it, like a huge wave, coming crashing down on me, and there I was dancing through it all, a mad dance, a violent and sometimes funny, sometimes enchanting dance.
And now, from where we are at, to where we need to be, there is so little that sets us free. Another sunset, another sunrise added to our days., days of healing, days of truth, days of glory, days when the universe tells you, slow down silly clown..slow down..
put a method to yourself silly clown,
put a method
take a leap of faith silly clown,
but climb the mountain with a bagful of patience.
6 am
and its dawn again..

Monday, December 26, 2016

Say yes..

It feels so good to be numb falling without feeling
oh yea im still breathing 
isnt that al that matters..
tell me

It feels so good to be dumb without meaning,
oh yea im still breathing
Isn't that all that matters
tell me

Im so confused and so clear
like a streamer streaming through silence in my mind
I know the absolute
and i know the perfect
I know what makes me tick..
I know Ima grenade
I know that ima blow..

I'm a resolution
I'm an idea
I'm the place where creation needs no criteria
I'm God
I'm an Angel
I'm the Devil
and all that comes in between
I'm the story and the writer
the hero and villain
with a heart so mean.

Take me to the world
let me tell them myself,
of victory,
let me tell them my story of pain,
let me tell them my story of how we 
all live..but in vain..
I will shine brighter than the brightest :
the universe shines through me
through the honest lies
through everything we make believe
and everything we try...
through the busy streets and crazy 'vibes'
Idhar ka udhar
and babies cries
let me tell you what i mean
let me come clean...
let me bring to you God..
on a platter..
oh yes, this was Our dream..

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Be Me

I dont want to be
less than perfect
well travelled
up there
down there
in the middle
in space
in a jungle
at a party
the life of the party
a thinker
a doer
a killer
an achiever

I Just want to be me

Monday, February 8, 2016

Be Free

Be courage
Speak courage 
Give courage
Spread courage
Be in rage
Be the riot
Know that the light doesn't come to those who are quiet
Question all you see,
Leave regret to the enemy..
The enemy of the light - the ignorant,
Watch how they scatter, take flight..
When you see yourself in all..
Your head always bent low
A reflection of the truth, you stand tall..
Spreading light where you go
The truth has set you free..
and now you smile..
as you make peace with the enemy..
music, is the key.. the key...

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

I am currently facing some pre-menstrual cramps. And let me tell you : they suck.
So my hormones are going's humid as fuck with no Air Con - in Mumbai.
While I try not to perspire and make some music
My periods shall arrive
Life is beautiful.

I am not being  sarcastic. It truly is..the hidden lessons in its processes are a marvel..

Friday, March 27, 2015